Kefentse Chike, Ph.D., provided the historical persepctive for the 2012 Kwanzaa celebration at Operation Get Down. Chike, an Inkster native raised in Detroit, was shaped as a youth by the tumultuous 1960s. Encounters with the criminal-justice system were followed by more productive endeavors, including Chike's joining the Shrine of the Black Madonna Church, formal educational pursuits and serious introspection into his own African roots. Chike has taught at Lewis College of Business, Marygrove College, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. He also has held teaching and lecturer positions at the Aisha Shule and Nsoroma Institute. Chike sopent more than hour with OGD residents and staff members explaining the history and nuances of Kwanzaa, its seven principles , and how those principles are a guiding force at Operation Get Down.

The Marcus Garvey Drummers and the Nanou Djapo Drum/Dance troupe of Marcus Garvey Academy combined music, dance and cultural education during the day's activities.

Operation Get Down CEO Sandra Bomar Parker attended the festivities, empasizing the philosophical and cultural ties between Kwanzaa's seven principles and OGD's treatment efforts.


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